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Success Drivers in Digital Health

Welcome to the R2G survey about success drivers in digital health!

How do companies achieve success in the digital health market?  Which factors play a critical role in the creation of an outstanding digital solution?

We would like to investigate deeper into this topic and therefore ask healthcare professionals to share their opinion and expertise.  The main goal of this study is to find out how the healthcare community defines success within the digital space and perceives the key success drivers. 

Take part and:
  • You can test your thoughts and compare your ideas with other industry representatives
  • Help us understand what means to be a successful digital solution on the market today
  • Receive a summary of the results  
  • Contribute to the success of the digital health market

We are very grateful for your time. This survey should take 5-10 minutes at most to complete. 

Be assured that all answers you provide will be kept in the strictest confidentiality. We only ask you to share your email address with us so you can get the summary of the results.
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